Moses And Standard Oil

The story is told that one of the directors of Standard Oil company became-.fascinated by a statement in the book of Exodus. Concerning the basket or ark in which the baby Moses was placed to save his life, it is said to have been “daubed with slime and with pitch.”

This executive reasoned that if there was pitch there must have been some oil. in consequence of this reasoning an oil expert and geologist were sent to Egypt to explore the possibilities of oil in that country. The result is known the world .over. One of the richest oil deposits in the world was found in the ancient land of the Pharaohs.

All who read and study the Bible become rich, but not in terms of dollars and cents. All do not discover oil fields or gold mines, through pursuing the sacred word. But all who absorb the word in their hearts.become infinitely rich—much richer, and their- treasure is much more precious than. silver or gold. Study and see! - Selected.

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